Remember That

Remember nothing.

Remember that writing things down helps you remember them.

Remember that it was your father who first taught you this lesson but it has been repeated many times by many different voices throughout your life.

Remember that your father's voice nettles you so much that you sometimes need a pillow on hand for screaming into.

Remember that this is temporary.

Remember that one day you will miss your father's voice so much that you will sometimes need a pillow on hand for screaming into.

Remember that mothers and fathers were put on this earth to bug the shit out of their kids.

Remember that before anyone or anything else, you love your mother.

Remember that your flesh was once her flesh, that your bones grew strong in the fertile living soil of her uterus.

Remember that you will never remember your birth or anything that came before it.

Remember that you should never stop trying because trying to remember these things is why you were put on this earth.

Remember that talking to your parents is the best way to find these memories.

Remember that telepathy is possible.

Remember that telekinesis is not.

Remember that most people don't believe in telepathy because most people choose to be stupid, they are not born that way.

Remember everything your parents do.

Remember the smell of laundry detergent as she pours it into the machine, washing his slacks for the first time, using Tide because she hasn't yet found out that he is allergic.

Remember the taste of unsalted almonds at your grandparents house, a house that became a graveyard, when your parents were sitting across from them telling them the news and your father's parents frowning involuntarily because they never liked your mother and now she was with child and wouldn't be going anywhere.

Remember crowning.

Remember the feeling of being cold for the first time, inside and out, as you took your first breaths.

Remember that this is temporary.

Remember that life is precious and that nothing is worth dying for.

Remember that it's ok to lie to yourself as long as you know that you're doing it.

Remember that if you start lying to other people you won't be able to stop because there will be too much for you to remember.

Remember that life is precious and that some things actually are worth dying for.

Remember everything.