All I taste in a crisp beer anymore

Is the flatness.

The punishment of a stationary life.

Like pushing a shoulder against brick and mortar.

I pick my teeth.

I think the stiff soul is liable to atrophy,

but even a flat beer gets him drunk.


-Jesse Rosenthal


Baby Shoes

Baby shoes for sale: worn out.
Let’s fly upstairs and help someone
You be Batman,
I be Superman
Batman can smack bad monkeys with his feet
He’s my friend, but he’s broken

Pretend this is outside and we see a ladybug
And it’s real.
I can go under towns, or under umbrellas
I’m going to climb this tree and jump out
I pooped in my pants
Maybe if I wobble it will drop
Do you have to wipe my butt really?
Fix me, I’m dead.

Evan Wierzbicki